HOLIDAY CHARITY BOWLING brings in 178 Pounds of food.

Thanks to all who participated in our Food Drive at our Holiday Bowling Event.

When we left the Party, our truck was filled with over 25 bags of food items. The next day an additional 7 bags were delivered to my home by Matthew Crowe of Orlando’s USS Voorhees. On Monday morning, my grandkids loaded our truck and we visited KinderCare Apopka to pick up an additional BOX of donations.

We arrived at Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida and checked in. Their staff gave us a tour while they unloaded our food items. As usual, they issued a receipt. My eyes rolled a bit when I read the details.

Our donation amounted to a whopping 178 pounds……WHOA!


Our donation included a variety of flavors and choices. There were several cans of premium soups (the Chunky Kind and the regulars), lots of tuna and canned chicken, and a variety of Chef Boyardee selections including Beefaroni and Spaghetti-o’s. There were boxes of pasta, a generous mix of veggies, almost a case of fruit cups, and a case of baby food. If memory serves me correct, we even slipped in a few bags of candy as a special treat.
Thanks so much to all who donated. Your efforts and generosity will make the Holiday season special for many families and children in need. Well Done!

Oh, and word is that Marc Lee is our new Bowling Champion. Marc was humble about his victory, as you can probably tell from his Award Winning Photo Pose. Former Champ, Mark Newport, has vowed to come back strong and resilient at our next Bowl-Off.

We look forward to our next time in the alleys, which may be as soon as EASTER, at a NEW location, with NEW prices, and a firm, no-nonsense deal.

Thanks again to all who helped out. You are truly an Amazing Crew.

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