Leslie Legard Ryan, Spouse of David Ryan, has passed away

Leslie Legard Ryan, surviving spouse of David Ryan, has passed away at an assisted living center in California.
David & Leslie became Friends with our Crew during a Science Fiction/Science Fact Federation Day at Tampa MOSI involving 8 Florida Star Trek Clubs including the USS Haven. As our Friendship progressed David became our sponsor and we began working towards STARFLEET Membership.
David & Leslie attended our meetings & participated in our activities regularly, commuting all the way from Plant City. With our FLEET Membership secured, our growth and networking continuing, we were saddened when they set course for California due to Family obligations and health concerns.
Not long after their move, David suffered a heart attack and Leslie found herself alone. In failing health, she soon moved to an assisted living facility. Since their moving we had very limited communications and do not really have any more details on Leslie’s passing.
David & Leslie assisted over 100 Star Trek clubs in joining STARFLEET. They had Friends worldwide serving STARFLEET in multiple positions. They were known for bringing people and groups together. They were loyal & loving people.
David & Leslie will forever own a place in our history and our hearts. The memories are special. They are missed.

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