The invasion of Zombies-Walker Stalker Con 2015

I recently attended Walker Stalker Con in Orlando, and enjoyed the Con a lot.The main reason we wanted to go was to see the many Walking Dead stars that were there. We were able to get a great deal on groupon for two people. We were able to get two tickets for $100 for the whole weekend. The Con was selling them for $200 a piece.  I find it a great idea to keep an eye out for deals on groupon and living social.

We arrived early Saturday morning and  enjoyed the different sights and sounds of the con. Saturday was very busy because Norman Reedus was there. His line was crazy busy. However, I was there to meet an even better character which is The Governor.  David Morrissey was adorable. I wanted about 30 mins to meet him. He signed my book. The novel is The Rise of the Governor. He called me love and I almost fainted. We spent the rest of the day attending the panels. All of the actors at the panels were characters who died. The last part of the day we went to get our pic done with David. It is very quick when you get your picture taken, so you do not get much interaction with the actor. Overall, Saturday was full of great memories.

Sunday was more relaxed. There was alot less people than Saturday. We mostly attended the panels. The panel with the Governor was funny. it is amazing he can pull off a Southern accent even though he is British. We spent the rest of the day with friends and had a good time.

I will say Walker Stalker is great for getting autographs since there are so many stars there. However, that is the only main activity.There are ATMs everywhere since the actors only take cash. I also notice most stars charge for a selfie. However, there is not much to do besides getting autographs. There are not very many other activities such as a game room or author panels.Also, general admission seating is not much better than the VIP seating. The VIP seats were only a couple of rows in front of us.  We will attend next year if there is a Walker Stalker Con in Orlando since we are big Walking Dead fans.

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