USS Haven On The Road – May 22, 2015

As some of you know, Mike Gigliati and I have been hitting the roads on Fridays lately and visiting local Comic and Collectible Stores.

1977247_10152746078019112_6047816386770957797_n   KIA SOUL

We are inviting our Comic Partners to visit with our group and join us at one of our Monthly Star Trek Dinners to sell merchandise at our dinner, introduce their business and mix & mingle with our crew. So far, Krum’s World, and Acme Superstore have jumped aboard our new program. We appreciate their support, their Friendship, and the door prizes donated for presentation at our gatherings. We are reaching out to all in our area to broadcast Sci-Fi, good reading, fun entertainment, and great adventures to our Community.

On Friday, May 22nd, we started in South Orlando and cruised on impulse to Winter Park and points North. What an amazing adventure!

We began with a great visit with Mike at Mikes Comics and Collectibles.


Although I did not immediately make the connection, we initially met Mike and his staff in 2013 during the premier of Star Trek Into Darkness at Waterford Lakes Regal Cinema.

Mike is active in our Community and was preparing for a busy Saturday at Waterford Lakes Library on Saturday, May 16th, for Super Hero Day. He will also be a prime vendor at Orlando’s upcoming Orlando Toy and ComicCon on June 6, 2015 at International Palms Resort.

Mike expressed an interest in joining us for dinner, perhaps in July. We look forward to a deeper connection as time goes on. We appreciate his time in chatting with us.

After a great lunch at Daybreak Diner, we took a turn West on Colonial and beamed down to Sci-Fi City.

For those of you who have not visited Sci-Fi City in awhile, they have moved to the other side of Home Depot’s Retail Center and now have their own building.


Sci-Fi City has long-standing roots in Orlando with their origin days dating back to their original location on Corrine Drive as Enterprise 1701.

They have a busy gaming area and stockpiles of goodies just waiting for you to gobble up. Thanks to Troy for chatting with us. He expects to partner with us in the future, sharing activities and busy days with Community activities.

Our most Northern stop was A Comic Shop in Winter Park on Highway 436.


Tucked away neatly among a variety of stores, it took us a few extra moments to navigate a clear fix on their location.

At first, the store appears compact, but well stocked. After introducing us to the owner, Aaron Haaland, Charles, their Manager, chatted with us awhile, then escorted us to the brick wall at the rear of the store. Brick wall?….wait, it was actually a double doorway…which opened to The Geek Easy, a comfy entertainment center hosting a bar, a stage for LIVE music, and a menu of tasty snacks and craft beers. Mike G. and I had a feeling they may have established this business just for folks like us.

11096425_651319314973490_5419999768462645550_o-e1428692529832   The-Geek-Easy-via-The-Geek-Easy-on-Facebook

Hesitating a moment, I recognized the logo on the drums as that of Sci-Fried Band, the world’s greatest geek music professionals.

sci fried banner2013-9

After purchasing a few goodies, we headed home thinking our day of adventure was over. However, Denise came home, and after a bit of chatter, we turned our rockers in the direction of Geek Easy for a rocking time with Sci-Fried Band and a wild and friendly crowd of like-minded enthusiasts. When we wrapped for the evening it had been a very full day.

THANKS to Mike ( Mikes Comics), Troy (Sci-Fi City), Charles, and Aaron ( A Comic Store & Geek Easy) for spending time with us and adding to our adventure. We had a great day, and look forward to them all joining us for a Star Trek Dinner soon.

Mike & I will be on the road again in June. Look for our royal blue USS Haven T-shirts and big smiles. STARFLEET is headed your way.

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The future is exciting. We will see you out there.

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