(effective October 1, 2016)

The Haven Crew has been meeting monthly since 1993. As some of you know, private complimentary meeting and dining space, is unusually rare in Central Florida. Brick & Fire Pizza has been our host since 2010, offering liberal use of the dining room and full menu ordering.

In the interest of continuing our meetings at this location, we ask all members and attendees to follow the protocol explained herein effective immediately.

1. Our meeting time is now 6:30 pm to 8:30 p.m. Please arrive within 10 minutes either way of our start meeting time of 6:30 pm. Please do not arrive 30 or 40 minutes early and ask to be seated in our dining area. There may not be seating available for late arrivals.
2. Unless you have a disability that prevents you from walking, please park in the SUNTRUST lot next door (North side of the building)
3. Only those ordering food will be seated. It is common courtesy to order food when a restaurant offers complimentary private dining. Please do not ask that you or your guests be excluded from this guideline.
4. As soon as you are seated, please review the menu and be prepared to order food as soon as the server asks for your choices.
5. Service work is extremely difficult. Wednesday is a premium evening for business. You are receiving special service in a complimentary private dining area. Your servers depend on your tip to earn a proper wage. PLEASE tip at least 20%.
6. If you have issues with the food or service, please advise Norm or Hartley. Always be courteous and polite to our servers.
7. We will begin our announcements promptly at 7 pm attempting to keep things brief.
8. Please be respectful and do not interrupt the speaker or carry on other conversations while someone has the floor.
9. We will finish announcements by 7:45 pm and leave the premises by 8:30 pm. Please do not hang out in the dining area after 8:30 pm.

The guidelines herein are not new. We have always asked informally that such courteousies be common for our members and guests. Let’s make sure we represent STARFLEET, the traditions of the Haven, and the values of our community at all times.



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