USS Haven: Spaceships of Today and Tomorrow – STEM Training starts at 2 years old

Thanks to KinderCare Apopka for inviting us to share the morning with them. With the help of Ryan, Ali, & Mike G, we hosted a fun time on the topic “Let’s check out my spaceships”.

The kids, ages 2 to 10, toured our diorama of the Kennedy Space Center, checking out all the cool rockets, shuttles, buses and other vehicles. We talked about rocket launches, astronauts, and what’s up there on the moon (An American Flag and a golf club).

We then moved on to “Spaceships of the Future”. Every step in our process was interactive so everyone had the chance to participate and share as they held up the action figures and other toys and talked to the class about them.

They liked the idea that people everywhere, especially from other planets, are always different, and they told us that sometime ideas can become real.

Their favorite exercise was operating our Star Trek Transporter from the 80’s. Where did that action figure go? The kids lined up for their turn for about 30 minutes. How amazing!

We wrapped up the show with a countdown to blast off with everyone joining in. C’mon, you can do it too, outdoor voices, let’s go: Ready, set, “5, 4, 3, 2 1, BLAST OFF

The kids had a fun morning. They will each take home some Star Trek Koloring pages and memories of fun, laughter, and excitement about the day, AND their future. Thanks to the KC Staff for inviting us, and special thanks to our volunteers, Ali, Mike G, and Ryan

Lisa Liddell The kids had so much fun! There were actually even some 2yr olds too in there. The show was amazing! The children were so focused and excited to learn all about space ships. They love getting to pick up and hold all the stuff on the table. I REALLY HAVE AN AWESOME DAD!

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