Norm Liddell

Rank: Commodore
Role: Senior Command Advisor
Member since: May 1, 2003

I have always been a Star Trek Fan. My personal background is in Business Management and Administration, Market Analyses and Development, Corporate Training, Sales, and Public Speaking.

I began attending conventions in 1987 and became involved with Fandom in 1999. I was asked to assume command of Orlando’s USS Haven in 2003. My commitment has always been to serve our members and community with my best efforts.

We began with 10 members, each committing themselves to assisting with Community events and charitable activities throughout our area. We attended movies and conventions together. We sponsored Student Teams, participated in many local parades, and worked with our local Science and History Centers helping with educational activities and shows. We focused on Fun, Education, Entertainment, and organized activities. We invited all Star Trek Fans and made it easy for others to join in.

We reached out to other clubs and groups throughout our area and worldwide. Our Friends and Associater groups stretch from Australia to Germany, Sweden, Canada, and all over the U.S.A. We invited others to gather with us giving full credit to their groups and organization for their help, support, and participation. We developed a reputation for reliability, professionalism, dependability, and fun.

In 2011 we joined STARFLEET and continued to grow to become the busiest and best known Star Trek Club throughout Florida.

In February of 2017 I retired as Commanding Officer, leaving the reins of our future in the hands of our new CO Hartley Ray Grimes, XO, George Graboski, and Ship’s Yeoman, Jessica Grimes. As a Team, they directed most activities in the past 2 years. The USS Haven is in good hands and will continue to thrive.

If your idea of Star Trek is about having fun, sharing your passion with others of like mind, and giving back to your Community while celebrating a special philosophy fostered by Star Trek’s Creator, Gene Roddenberry, focusing on a Universe where things work, where people are inherently good and talented, and technology is designed to make our lives better, then come journey with us. We have a place for you and you will fit right in.

We Believe in An Exciting Future!


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