Hammerlock Craps – the great chance to make a killing

Hammerlock Craps – the essence and bets system’s peculiarities

Craps, being a popular table game, is available in practically all land-based casinos and in a majority of online sources. The rules are practically the same everywhere, but different gambling places have some additional regulations to be considered.

At the first gaze, Craps is a very simple game, but everytime one does something, it becomes evident that senseless dice-throw isn’t the way to get some gain. Experienced players use different strategies to become a successful player. Hammerlock Craps is one of those betting systems that can bring a player on the top of gambling world.

The main things to know about Hammerlock Craps and game as well.

Before speaking about the strategy, it’s a small historical journey to know the origin of Hammerlock Craps system. There was a guy, who came into one of casinos in the USA and started to play Craps. The gambler was very lucky and won practically every round. The surrounding persons began to call the guy Hammerlock.

And when the casino’s Bosses decided to stop the lucky man, he already disappeared with a million dollars in the pocket. It can be treated as a fairy tale, but the story characterizes this strategy as one of the most profitable.

Of course, it’s necessary to know basic Craps rules of the game, first. Before making Come out Roll (the first stage of the game), the players make their bets.

  • Pass Line. This bet is one of the most popular not only in Hammerlock Craps, but in the whole game. If a pair of dices gives 7 or 11, the Shooter wins. 2, 3 or 12 is a loss for the gambler. The rest variants start the second stage Point Roll. Here the gambler should throw the same point, as on the first stage. If the dices show “7”, party for the Shooter is over.
  • Don’t Pass Line. In two words this bet is vice versa variant to Pass Line.
  • Come. This bet is similar to Pass Line. The main difference is that Come bet is made after the point is set, as Pass Line is to be made before Come out Roll.
  • Don’t Come. It’s an equivalent to Don’t Pass Line with the same difference as Come bet and Pass Line bet have.

Main secrets of Craps Hammerlock system

They say that Hammerlock system is the best way to beat any casino all the time. The main secret of the strategy is in combining 2-4 types of place bets and odd bets. By making these bets, the gambler plays against the Shooter.

The place bets create the main structure, when odds’ bets play the supportive role and are put into Don’t Pass area, right below the place bets. Hammerlock involves the use of up to 8 different bets. It’s interesting that the main and the second sections can be used as not connected strategies, but it won’t be Hammerlock then.

The main structure is set by making the bets on 5, 6, 8 and 9. 5 and 9 are in multiplies of five, while 6 and 8 are in multiplies of 6. Hammerlock Craps implies 5 bets’ stages. The first one is a 12 USD bet on the numbers 6 and 8 with further bets on all numbers with the values 22 USD, 44 USD, 66 USD and 88 USD respectively. The bets should be placed right after the Shooter has established the point.

First stage bets are to be taken down right one of them is on the table. When the roll is winning one on the next stages, the “lucky” bet is to be taken down, while the rest ones are left for another roll. After the next win takes place, all the bets are to be taken down. If seven out takes place, new bets should be placed only after the Shooter establish new point.

These are the general rules of the strategy. There are always some nuances, but understanding the basics, other details will be absorbed without any problems.

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