Learn to play Craps and become a part of gambling world

Learn to play Craps and Vegas will open its doors for you

Craps are simultaneously simple and difficult game. Especially, if speaking about different combinations and their meanings. That’s why the gambler should be patient if the decision to learn to play Craps was made. But in any case, these two dices dazzle the mind. And the information given below can be treated as a kind of guide through Craps world.

The main things to learn to play Craps

This game was born in America and has captured the hearts of the gamblers all over the world since then. And in spite of observable simplicity, there exist many types of the game and each of them has its own rules. So the gamblers have to learn how to play Craps and its variations.

The quantity of participants in Craps isn’t limited. The two dices are used to play. The atmosphere about Craps tables can bewilder the beginners, as it’s always noisy around them, but it’s a charm of this game. But if to learn to play Craps online free, first, without terrific entourage, it can become quite easy.

Gambling guide about the rules to learn to play Craps

Before speaking about main rules, it’s necessary to know the terms of the game first.

  • The Come Out Roll. The beginners who intend to learn to play Craps should remember this term, as it’s the first, and, probably, the main action. It’s the first roll that helps to determine whether the player wins, losses or keeps on playing.
  • The marker. It allows understanding the stage of the game.
  • Bet. The bet should be set before the first roll is made.
  • Point Roll. It’s the second roll of the game, and it takes place if the game wasn’t finished after the Come Out Roll
  • Pass Line and/or Don’t Pass Line. These are the main bets, the player is to make.

First roll with 2, 3 or 12 on the dices means the loss of the player with Pass Line bet. And Vice Versa the bet Don’t Pass Line with mentioned numbers is a winning option. 7 or 11 on the dices make the winner out of the Shooter. Other numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 demand to set own point and to keep on playing. These are the main rules in some lines, but, of course, there are different opportunities and bets to be used. But the beginners can start with the given information.

The types of Craps’ bets

As there are many varieties of free Craps today, the possible bets are also of a great quantity, but the most popular of them are the following. The Pass Line – when the player wins with 7 or 11, losses with 2, 3, or 12 and goes to next round with other total numbers. Don’t Pass Line is an absolutely contrary to Pass Line Bet. The Odds – this bet can be made after the Point is set. It’s a kind of additional bet on any number with different payout percentage.

Casino Craps table

Casinos use special playing table with rounded angles to play Craps. Cushion’s edges should be high for dices not to fall down the floor. Inner cushions are made of rubber. The layout is fabric-covered and is divided into the sectors for the bets.

The most popular strategies of the game

If a gamer plays, using only Pass Line or Don’t Pass Line bets the winnings won`t be wild. That’s why the main strategy to learn to play Craps is to play on Odds bets. Specialists and professionals have calculated and have found out, that the Point Roll with additional bet on 6 or 8 the odds are 6 to 5. 5 or 9 give 2 to 3 and 4 or 10 bring 2 to 1. Of course, it’s a matter of risk, but it’s also a chance to win more money, and if the luck stands behind the gambler’s back everything is going to be OK.

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