Play craps for fun and money

Play craps for fun and joy

Playing Dice online is fun, fast and addictive, which will make you lose your mind from excitement. You cannot resist the urge to play dice. No other game brings so much pleasure as dice. You can play craps prudently, but at the same time enjoy it and feel the adrenaline rush. All the charm of the game will begin when the bets have already been made and you find yourself in the magical world of the game. Also rate other games like real online pokies. They are similar to the games about which you read on our website.

play craps for fun

From the outside, play craps for fun game may seem extremely complicated. The table is simply huge – twice as much as a blackjack table. In addition, it is serviced by a team of four professionals (a boxman, a stickman and two dealers), so it may seem that the game of dice is much more complicated than other board games, but it does not convey the atmosphere at the table if you have never played this game when the players are shout their bets to dealers and to each other.

You will find players who play online craps for fun with great enthusiasm in an attempt to guess the required number. Excitement and adrenaline, positive emotions and a competitive spirit – these are what attract visitors to gambling clubs to play at dice tables.

How to play craps for fun?

It does not take much time to find out how to play craps for fun online. Five dice are required for this game. The goal of the game is to score 1000 points. To determine the order of moves, you can roll dice (who has more that one is the first).

To start the game you need to throw 50 points (entry into the game). Cubes first throw all 5 pieces. For example, 1,5,2,2,6 fell out – that’s 15 points. 1 and 5 are postponed, and the rest are thrown. If nothing fell out – they write a bolt, and if all 5 dice have been thrown, then you must surely throw them all and add what has already been thrown to that which fell out. Next, the player decides to throw more or write result to the table.

If during the game no points fell out from the first throw, then a dash (teal, bolt) is written to the player. 50 points are deducted from the player for every three consecutive bolts. During “entering the game”, 50 points (-50, -100, …) will be withdrew from the player for 3 bolts until he scores 50. After one of the players completed the “entrance to the game” he must pass 3 barrels: the first from 200 to 300, the second from 600 to 700 and the third final from 900 to 1000. When a player scores 555 points (dump truck), he starts the game with 0, but already without “entering the game.”

The strategy of online dice

online dice

Online craps game for fun strategy is not so much in gain, but in protecting yourself from losses. You must adhere to the limits that you set for yourself. In most games, there is only a few bets in which the casino advantage is small. Some of them are available to you in the bones, and you should use your abilities to the maximum.

More experienced dice players try to stick to their current bets or the line of past bets, since their odds are already formed. More complex bets require you to insure them. This is a classic catch-22, because bet insurance allows you to exercise control over the game, and payments in this case are similar to other bet options. Play craps online for fun free first. You must be completely sure of yourself and should not be afraid of the game.

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