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Gene's Vision Lives On

With Our

Delta Flyer Student Team


When STAR TREK first aired in 1966, Gene Roddenberry dreamed of a future with no poverty or hunger,  everyone free to pursue the occupation of their choosing, every child able to read, and people of all races coming together to solve problems and achieve greatness.

Gene Roddenberry's dream is still with us. 

In Spring of 2002 a group of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders came together at Millennium Middle School, in Sanford, Florida, under the leadership of Science Teacher Wendy Elkes. They formed an after-school Star Trek Club, setting a goal to build a life-size replica of the DELTA FLYER from the television series VOYAGER to be used as a float in CENTRAL FLORIDA community events. Ms. Elkes obtained a grant from the Seminole County School Board. Our club raised funds to purchase a trailer, and helped with some of the work.


We also assist our Science Officer, Suzy Garrison, with Poinciana High School's FIRST Robotics Team at Poinciana High School - Kissimmee, Florida . We supported their efforts on Robotics Days at the Orlando Science Center during 2004 and 2005. We look forward to more opportunities to assist these talented teens as they move forward in competition.


Although times have changed and most of our teens from early days have become adults and moved on, our Crew is still active with our "Next Generation"

In addition to our efforts with community youth programs, we also participate in Educational and Promotional activities with area Museums and schools whenever we are invited. Using videos, coloring stations, posters, and hands-on displays, our presentations focus on the relationship of Star Trek technology to modern day sciences such as robotics, animation, and communications. 

In Gene Roddenberry's own words:

"We must remember that the promise of tomorrow will not be fulfilled easily. The collective commitment of our nations, as well as the vision, wisdom and hard work of many - many individuals will be required to bring our dreams to fruition. In a way, the Enterprise and the optimistic future in which it exists, might be thought of as a reminder of what we can achieve when we really try!!!"

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