Captain’s Commentary: Auburndale CityCon

Some days you think the things you do are just “stuff”. Then later on, when things have wrapped, you’re back in regular clothes, the skies are dark, and the moon is drifting among the clouds to the east, you begin your journey home, and your mind wanders.

What was that Auburndale CityCon thing all about? I missed the early goings on since I worked that morning and did not arrive until after 3 p.m. However, I received great reports from Con Officials, other Guests, and even the local police force providing security for the event.

Thanks to Hartley & Jessica and each of our volunteers for arriving early, getting set up, and being available and accessible to Auburndale CityCon Guests & Visitors. The word I got was that you all set the pace for the others and led the way for a very entertaining and rewarding day.

I wonder how many smiles you passed on to the young folks and their parents. I wonder how many walked by and chatted while being treated to a lollipop and some laughter, maybe a few memories of the Star Trek they used to watch when it was on TV.

By bringing those stories and characters to life, you shared the idea of a future that might just be real someday…to some small extent because you do your little bit to make it so. See, what you do is really not so little. Folks will remember you and their visit to our table for a long time.

So yes, it is just stuff….but it is really very big stuff. Thanks to all our volunteers. Auburndale loved us. You made us proud. You stood greatly for the ideas & philosophy of a positive view of our future which is what Star Trek is very much about.

You are the USS Haven Crew and you are all outstanding. Well Done!       🙂

Some pics are below and here’s the video. Enjoy:



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