Ship lands at Lake Wales Library Con and Games Day

We enjoyed an amazing day of fun and community effort at Lake Wales Library with hundreds of visitors, and friends.

The idea of the event was to introduce students to science fiction literature and share with them the connection between science fiction, real science, and real events in our current day.

Marc B. Lee, our Host and Event Liason, kicked off the day with a sampling of videos and activities. Our Crew maintained multiple educational displays and other activities including Star Trek Koloring and Star Trek Kornhole.

Our CO, Norm Liddell, gave a presentation on based on the Star Trek episode “Devil in the Dark”, which features a silicone based life form, a Horta. After a short video, Norm discussed how Star Trek philosophy always emphasized the importance of diversity, empasizing the idea of different races coming together to make great things happen, and finding solutions to common issues of our day. Our Horta is actually made from expanding silicone foam used to plug leaks, holes in the wall, provide for pvc insulation, etc. It moves and spins at amazing speeds thanks to a remote power engineered by Member , Mark Newport, and it really does make for an interesting life-form.
Marc B. Lee also hosted a costume contest with prizes donated by the Library. We are honored that so many visitors and guests took part by sharing their costumes and talent with us.

Highlights of the event were featured in the local news in Lake Wales and Auburndale. Thanks much to the Lake Wales Library for hosting this event and inviting us. We were honored to be part of their educational efforts for the Lake Wales Community.
When the day’s excitement came to a close, we gathered for dinner at the Sizzling Grill in Lake Wales. We enjoyed amazing food and good company. We laughed together, celebrating the efforts of our day. Thanks to Marc B. Lee, our Host and Friend, for sharing so many stories from his convention days. It was an amazing day. Well done to all Crew Members who offered their participation and support.

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