Dedra Dukes Shuman

Rank: Lieutenant
Member since: April 15, 2011
Ship's Administrator

HI! I’m Dedra and I am a retired educator who lives in Georgia. I was a classroom teacher for 25 years and a certified writing instructor. I enjoyed working with my gifted students on Future Problem Solving, too! Before retiring, I worked with teachers and administrators on school improvement and taught sessions on curriculum, assessment, and instruction.
I’ve always been a person who brain-storms, problem-solves, and improves on work begun by others. You have to feed 50 people tomorrow and your caterer cancelled on you? Sure, I can do that! I’ve held a number of leadership positions in a variety of organizations over the years, but I am now taking time to do things for myself and simply enjoy life!
I have been a Star Trek fan since I watched the original series in the 1960’s with my siblings. TOS holds a fond place in my heart, but I confess my favorite series is The Next Generation, for my son’s first spoken sentence was the intro to TNG!
I’ve attended a number of conventions over the years, but there is a deep fondness in my heart for the ones in Florida, because it was at those that I met and became friends with folks from USS Haven. Even though I live in Georgia, I’ve been heartily welcomed by these fine folks.
If you are thinking of joining us, please do. You’ll be glad you did!

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