Dietrich Kerner

Rank: Commander
Member since: October 1, 2007
International Division

Role: Head of the Starfleet Design Project

First con in Germany: „ConCourse Light“ in Hamburg, February 1992

First con in the US: Sci-Fi World Con „MagiCon“in Orlando, August 1992

First con in the UK: Sci-Fi World Con „Intersection“ in Glasgow, Scotland, August 1995

Since then I visited countless conventions in Germany and the US.

I have been a science fiction fan ever since I first watched “The Invaders”, “UFO”, and of course “Raumpatrouille Orion” in the late 1960’s, but since “Star Trek” first aired in Germany on May 27th 1972, I call myself a “Trekkie”.

At the age of 10 I built my very first prop: the division insignia of Mr. Spock and after that, the pointed ears which I made from cardboard. However, for many years I’ve specialized in making PADDs. Most of my props I did over the last two decades you can find here:

I am also a fan of “Star Wars”, “The X-Files”, “Lost”, “Fringe”, “The Avengers” (John Steed and Emma Peel) and many more sci-fi and mystery related TV shows and movies.

Monthly meetings are very popular over here in Germany, and since January 1993, we have held our monthly “10-Forward-Dinner” in Hannover. This is one of the longest running “meetings” in Germany.

Making first contact over the internet with the USS Haven and meeting the crew at the annual picnic at the Wekiva Springs State Park in mid August 2007 was one on the best decisions I ever made. You guys accepted me like a family member. Since then I’m returning every year and spending some weeks in Florida.

Next to Star Trek and science fiction my other hobbies are designing (,

and riding my recumbent tricycle,

My job in real life is a whole sale trade merchant for car accessories and spare parts near Hannover.

My quote: Never give up – Never surrender!

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