Ezri Maurer

Rank: Ensign JG
Member since: January 12, 2015

I am a Trekkie since Star Trek started at German TV in 1972. 1998 was my first meeting with other Star Trek Fans, the club was named UFSTF (united federation of star trek fans). Few months later this club has died. 1998 I visited the Hamburger Trekdinner at the first time 1998 I visted the FedCon in Germany 2000 I visited the Nexus Con in Germany 2001 we founded the Star Trek forum role play game www.galae-rihanna.com in German language 2002 I moved to Switzerland and join the Galactic Alliance a club for science fiction fans 2013 – 2014 I get my Trill spots 2014 I visited the Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas My first contact to USS Have was while helping translating from English to German for Karin 😉 My position on board of the Ch’R Blutschwinge at the role play game Galae Rihanna is chief medical officer the rank is: Lieutenant – Species: Trill My rank here on USS Haven will be Ensign I think 🙂 In real life I am at home. Sometimes hope to meeting the whole cew of the USS Haven Grüezi and Moin Moin from a Trill born in northern Germany and living in Switzerland 😀

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