Mark Newport

Rank: Captain
Member since: August 3, 2005

I’m legally Blind, I struggled with bullies all my life till senior year of high school.
I wanted to prove, I didn’t have to get a government job being blind.
I have Degrees in Photography, Commercial Art. and then Computer graphics when they became popular.
I am an artist, musician ,singer, actor,a good screenwriter and professional caterer..
I was a Camp Counselor for Lion Camp for the Blind, hearing and mentally challenged. Worked with P.A.W.S. for final test for seeing eye dogs.
I joined USS Haven in January of 2003 after meeting Norm at the movie premiere of Star Trek ” Nemesis”, to bring smiles and hope to people like me and to let them know, I been there.
I am a Executive Security Officer in the 2nd largest company for over a decade.

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