Tracy Adams

Rank: Lieutenant
Member since: October 1, 2013

Having always been a huge fan of Star Wars, adjusting to a relationship with a Trekkie was definitely something new for me. Since Mike and I started dating, I have slowly been introduced to everything Star Trek even though many of my friends have always been fans. In October 2013 I decided that it was time to become part of this Star Trek club that those friends always talked about and did events with.

Since joining the USS Haven I have enjoyed costuming and all the community service. Not to mention, having the ability to spend time with people that far out-rival myself as a nerd. It’s amazing the things that you will learn.

As Chief of Communications I have helped bring the USS Haven into the 21st century by revamping this website and bringing the internet into the forefront of our communications. Of course this will continue to increase as time goes by, but a little at a time will make a HUGE difference in the long run.

As for myself, I work as a project manager at a local design firm, live with my fiance and our two beautiful puppies, and cosplay a whole bunch. If you want to see more from Mike and I, you can visit our website at AtoZ Cosplay.  I also hold a high council position within a non-profit organization called Guardians of Justice that uses our costuming talents for further good by benefiting many local charities and organizations. In other words, I stay very busy.

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