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The above video debuted at Away Mission Orlando 2012. Featured on the icon is Dr. Fred Clement, a physician we met in Tampa who served aboard the original USS Haven Naval Hospital Ship AH-12. We are blessed to have such inspiration in our background. As a Crew, you are all AMAZING.

Our Club is named after U.S. Naval Hospital Ship USS Haven AH-12.

Our mission is to promote fandom and serve our Community by sharing Star Trek & Sci-Fi information, fan activities, ideas, news, and promoting a positive future for Humankind by our involvement in educational and charitable activities. Our friends include hundreds of members, fans, friends, media persons, dealers and Star Trek/Sci-Fi Clibs WORLDWIDE.

We are involved in our Community

Whenever possible we participate in parades and community events. We support our Healthcare Industry with costumed activities to support healthcare-related events and organizations. Our Crew and our Students collect Toys for Central Florida’s Marine Corps Toys for Tots each year and assist in costume at Santa Saturdays at Orlando’s WFTV channel 9. Local charities and non-profit groups know they can call on us anytime they need an “alien ambience” to aid their efforts.


We believe that Gene Roddenberry’s idea of a Universe where things work, where people of all races, shapes, and sizes get along, where everyone is encouraged to express their ideas and make a contribution, is worth preserving and promoting. We attend movies and conventions together. We support & assist Space Exploration and Science events locally. We believe in an exciting future!


Gene Roddenberry envisioned a future where every child could read. We are committed to assisting in the education of our youth. We support and assist our DELTA FLYER STUDENT TEAM at Sanford’s MILLENNIUM MIDDLE SCHOOL, and POINCIANA HIGH SCHOOL’s FIRST ROBOTICS TEAM.

We host youth-oriented educational exhibits whenever we appear in community events. We believe an educated and motivated generation of students will ensure a strong successful future for our nation and our world community.

We mourn the passing of Sam Samson, a close Personal Friend and a Valued Member of our Crew. Sam was a Career Seebee ib the U.S. Navy. After his military retirment, he continued his personal commitment to service in the Security Industry and with volunteer activity with our Crew. We miss Sam. He will always have a special place in our hearts.

Visit the U. S. NAVAL HOSPITAL SHIP: USS HAVEN AH12 home page maintained by Jim Raymond, LCDR, USNR. LCDR Raymond’s dad, Rex Raymond, served aboard the Haven during her early years.


The USS HAVEN Hospital Ship was active in our world community with Honorable and Decorated service from 1945 through 1957. then served as the Naval Hospital, Long Beach, CA from 1957 thru Feb. 1967.

When we formed our group, we contacted their Alumni Crew and were given permission to use their name. We hope our efforts, in our own small way, carry on their tradition of service to our World Community.

ah_12_havenjpeg_500x343Our hull number, NCC55459, is derived from her commission date of May 5, 1945, and a 9 for the number of battle stars she earned.

We are bound and honored by her tradition of service.

“Gunny” (R. Lee Ermey) poses with James “Doc” Rockett at Cincinnati’s National VFW Convention as Doc is Awarded as ALL AMERICAN POST COMMANDER. Click on Doc or The Gunny to visit Doc’s website.

EMAIL Sunday March 6, 2011: to Jim Raymond, U.S. Naval Hospital Ship USS Haven AH-12

Introducing Dr. Fred Clement, USS Haven 1950-51

Hi Jim,

Last weekend Denise and I were enjoying a Sci-Fi convention at Doubletree Hotel in Tampa, FL. Saturday, as I was walking through the hotel restaurant wearing my royal blue USS Haven (Hospital Starship) T-shirt, a most wonderful couple flagged me down to chat. They began talking about the “USSHAVEN” but it was your ship they spoke of.

Dr. Clement and his wife Marilyn (RN Pediatrics, Retired) had just arrived in Tampa from Glenn, MI, and were relaxing before their journey down the coast the next day to participate in community services with other seniors. Dr Clement was thrilled to see the name “Haven” on active duty (well, sort of…<smile)…..I rounded up my wife, Denise, and a few friends inviting them to meet a gentleman who was part of our history, who had spent time in service with the Haven, and was continuing to serve his community to this day. It was a special moment when we told him of your website and our Club’s humble connection to your group. Denise accessed your site on her I-phone for a peek. Dr. Clement shared stories of his service aboard the Haven. There was a certain brightness in his eyes as many memorable times came to life for him. Denise & I gave him & Marilyn a USS Haven (Starship) T-shirt, and 2 of our ship’s patches. We gave them a tour of the convention area, introducing them to a few friends and celebrities as we walked the hallways. Marilyn enjoyed meeting and chatting with actor Steven Culp (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0191688/) of Desperate Housewives. We presented her with an autographed photo of Mr. Culp the next morning.

We are thrilled to have met Fred & Marilyn. Spending time with them, sharing their past, their warmth and affection for memories of a time that was thrilling…without a doubt, our encounter with them was ur most memorable (yet least expected) activity during the weekend.

I have included a few photos of our meeting and copied Fred & Marilyn with this email. I am sure they would love to hear from any members of your Crew anytime. Dr. Clement’s Email is clemfred@gmail.com. His land-mail address is P.O. Box 252, Glenn, MI 49416.
Denise & I plan to stay in touch and perhaps reconnect if they visit Florida in the future.
As always, we intensely value our relationship with your Crew. It has always been our Mission to continue your tradition of service as we look forward to an exciting future for us all.

RESPONSE March 6, 2011
Hi Norm & Denise,

So great to read of your experience and will for sure pass it along. Interesting that you would have a Sci-Fi Convention there where we had a big ComicCon Convention with many of the cast of Star Trek in Seattle all this weekend. It is also nice to hear that you had an interesting time with Dr. Clement. Please keep us posted and I will ensure the same.

Very Best Regards,


Thank you Norm and Denise for the nice email. We were so pleased to meet you and to share stories. Your’s is so unique. I am going to also share this email with a friend and shipmate of mine, now living in Wisconsin. He will be thrilled and amazed as was I that the Haven has been resurrected!

Email received August 8th 2009
From: Aforrestscott@aol.com

I was a USAF Medic in 1964 and I remember our ambulance took a Marine to the USS Haven in Long Beach, CA. We had chow on the Haven and I remember where the Corpsmen played volleyball on the deck. The Navy Corpsmen were a great bunch of guys. Just a small experience that I wanted to share

I reside in Carlsbad. I picked up a “ballcap” of the AH-12 at the San Diego Swapmeet and it has a permanent place in my den.
Just a reminder….my experience on the Haven (AH-12) was only for one day but was quite unique because I was a USAF medic bringing a Marine to that wonderful vessel. I was treated very well by the personnel aboard….and Navy chow was as good if not better than Air Force chow. It was such a memorable day for me also because I had planned on joining the Navy after high school graduation. My buddy had enlisted into the USAF and talked me into the USAF. Incidentally, my dad was a Seabee on Tinian Island and I believe he was building a runway there. The year was 1943 or 1944. I have photos of him there.
Allan Scott
807th Med Group
March AFB (SAC)
Member: National Assn. of Medics and Corpsmen
VVA Chap. 472 San Diego, CA

James "Doc" Rockett was on the last crew of the USS Haven

James “Doc” Rockett was on the last crew of the USS Haven

James “Doc” Rockett was on the last crew of the USS Haven

Like many Haven Crewmembers, Doc is a decorated veteran who continues to serve our country as a VFW District Commander. We appreciate the friendship of Doc and the USS Haven Hospital Ship Alumni Crew.

Special Tribute Corpsman David Robert Ray, Corpsman, Haven Veteran, and Medal of Honor Recipient

There are many stories of heroism and exemplary service among the Haven Crew. David Robert Ray, Corpsman, USS Haven Veteran, and Medal of Honor Recipient gave his life serving his country while treating injured Marines in Vietnam.

Below are a few excerpts from David’s Medal of Honor Citation:

raydr01c“For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while serving as a HM2 with Battery D, 2d Battalion, at Phu Loc 6, near An Hoa. During the early morning hours, an estimated battalion_sized enemy force launched a determined assault against the battery’s position, and succeeded in effecting a penetration of the barbed_wire perimeter. The initial burst of enemy fire caused numerous casualties… Although seriously wounded himself while administering first aid to a Marine casualty, he refused medical aid and continued his lifesaving efforts….His conduct throughout was in keeping with the finest traditions of the U.S. Naval Service.”

We Honor and Salute ALL our veterans. For the complete text please visit David’s Memorial page here

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