Klingon Koloring at Make M Smile

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Make M Smile is an annual FESTIVAL hosted held on the 1st Saturday in June by Nathaniel's Hope for Kids with Special Needs. It was great to be invited and terrific to be there. We had much FUN and will always remember the smiles on the faces of the many Guests who visited with us

Please click on any photo to visit the Official Website for Make m Smile.

We were told to expect over 6500 visitors. Even though we were forced to close an hour early due to impending thunderstorms, the crowd exceeded 7500 attendees.

Our Koloring With Klingons Station was ready to receive prisoners at 7 a.m.

BELOW: Kaptured Prisoners Koloring

They came in waves attacking our Koloring Images and working wildly with our Krayons!

A relaxing moment for Captain Mark Newport and Ambassador Lord Kez Kaptured for our Historical Records

Lord Kez's chair is expecially made for Klingons who seem much larger than usual due to Earth's gravity.

More Prisoners!

The kids would have stayed with us all Morning, but parents were anxious to get them to all stations around the lake. We were only able to detain our prisoners for short periods.

"One Small step for Mankind....yada yada yada" said Captain Mark Newport to the Astronaut

Captain Mark loves to ham it up.

Looks like TARG for Lunch!

What a Crowd!!!

Notice the Gold Federation Shirt just left to the middle of the photo above. Could that be Long-Legged Lieutenant Commander Neal?

For certain scenes we back up and use our WIDE ANGLE Imaging

According to your Name Tag, you are NASA. NASA!...Take Me To Your Leader!

Wonder how NASA will explain this photo to President Obama?

La Cuc-a-racha Neil!

Neal....Where did you get that hat??

For more info on our Community activities, please visit our Healthcare Support Mission here:


THANKS to all USS Haven and Qach poS Members who joined us and brought their smiles to share with Central Florida's VIP Kids.

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