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Our Volunteers at the entrance to FHCA's 2007 Trade Show and Conference at the Boca Raton Resort and Club


On July 22, 23, & 24th, 8 members of our Haven Crew joined by 2 Klingon Warriors from KPV Ancient One and 3 Starfleet volunteers from Dade County's USS Blackstar spent a few days at South Florida's Boca Raton Resort and Club as Guests of the Florida Health Care Association (
), the Trade organization for Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Centers throughout the entire state of Florida.

Our Mission was to add a special ambience to the theme of their 2007 Annual Conference: "Trek...To Quality and Beyond". This project was in planning since September 2006 and was an overwhelming success.

Our Base Station was in the main lobby near the Registration Area. Our displays were so intense that Guests coming through the front door paused inquisitively, wondering if they had made a wrong turnand ended up at the local Star Trek Convention. For those who paused too long, our Crew-members on duty interceded, guiding them with reassurance to FHCA's Registration Desk.

Those of us not at our Base Station wandered the Trade show and hotel hallways and shops visiting with Vendors and Guests. Folks kept asking us which Vendor we were with. When we responded telling them we were REAL Trekkers they went wild grabbing cameras, jumping in with us for photos, and snagging us with every question about Fandom that you can imagine. Trek music resounded at every turn and the atmosphere was unique and exciting.

Star Trek and ALL derivations thereof are owned by Paramount Studios, a Viacom Corporation.

The USS Haven and other Star Trek and Klingon Fan Clubs are NOT connected with Paramount or VIACOM. No infringement intended.

Star Trek and Klingon Fan Clubs are non-profit groups of Friends and Fans who enjoy Star Trek and Science Fiction with an emphasis on serving our Community.

We Believe In An Exciting Future!

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Anselmo, Suzy, and Mark preparing to meet and greet FHCA Guests (scroll down for more pics)


On Tuesday, Vendors from Adelpo Corp (a financial software firm whose display included a variety of high-tech audio-visual effects) set up a major photo shoot that exploded into excitement as their smoke machine vented (much to the Fire Marshall's dismay), Trek music blared, and the gathering crowd snapped away memories with their digital cameras.

On Wednesday Frank Dowler attended FHCA's Banquet on our behalf. A video of Convention activities, including our antics, was presented. At the appropriate moment, Frank was called up on stage and presented FHCA Officials with a Certificate of Appreciation for inviting us to participate. They presented Frank with a generous contribution which will go directly to our Student Teams at Millennium Middle School and Poinciana High School.

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Additional pics are posted in the "Photos" Section of our YAHOO Group here:

And also on the website of KPV Ancient One here:

Also, Please visit our SPECIAL page "Healthcare Support" at the link at the top of this page for more info on our Healthcare efforts

We arrived on Sunday ready for action

THANKS to Andrew, Anselmo, and Nick, of Dade County's Starfleet Chapter,

USS Blackstar, for joining us on Monday

Norm and Adam prepare to greet Guests in the Main Lobby of the Registration Area

Andrew and Anselmo at the Information Booth outside the Main Lobby.

Federation and The Borg can work together when they have a common goal

Wendy on duty at our Base Station

Mark gets his Pagh checked by The Kai (Suzy) as Sam looks on

Adam....An outstanding Starfleet Officer

Andrew, Anselmo, and Tim discussing plans for the day

Lord Kez Kadajan, Klingon Enterpreneur...

Definitely a Premier Member

Borg Drone wonders how to work the sliding glass doors...Hmmmm?

Connecting with The Collective at

the Hotel Comm Station

Check in with Starfleet before you enter the Trade Show

Many Vendors got into the Spirit by wearing Federation

shirts and "Trekking Out" their display areas.

A smiling Borg greeting Federation Officers...Hmmm?


Entering the Regeneration Chamber?

Lord Kez visits Sick Bay

Thanks to Rick for donating a product sample

Even the Borg have sanitation issues

Rich trying to make a deal with a Trade Show Vendor

Lydia points the way to

Food & FUN!

Wendy & Suzy prepared a great Video featuring our Student Teams at Millennium Middle School and Poinciana H.S. which was shown to Guests on Monday evening

With over 250 vendors we had to

be careful we didn't get lost

THANKS to the Crew from ADELPO Software for setting up a FUN Photo SHoot on Tuesday.

Klingons have all the fun!

Sam & Rich on duty at our Base Station

Setting up each day was a Team Effort

Looks like a Klingon has captured a Terran at the Adelpo Station

THANKS to ALL our Volunteers!

You did a terrific job and your

efforts are very much appreciated

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