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Dietrich Kerner, Ambassador at Large, has been visiting the U.S. since the early 90's. A few years back he reached out to us while he was in Florida. Since that time, he attends our meetings whenever he is on Holiday here, assists in our charity events, and excels at his role as a permanent member of the USS Haven. His visits have established an International Fan connection between Central Florida Star Trek Fans and others in Germany and beyond.

Dietrich's group meets each month at their favorite dining spot, and enjoys their friendship in the company of a great dinner. Their group name, "10-Forward-Dinner", honors their gathering.

We look forward to sharing photos, ideas, and stories with our German Friends. We appreciate their Friendship and the common interest we all share in Star Trek's philosophy & entertainment legacy.

Live Long and Prosper

From Dietrich Kerner
The 10-Forward-Dinner in Hannover exists since January 1993 with participants between 15 to 30 people.
But on December 14th 2001 we had a new record: About 80 Trekkies joined the meeting and many of them in uniform.
The reason of course was our guest of honor Mark Allen Shepherd (Morn from DS9). Since he got to know a girl on a German convention and got married, he‘s not living not far away in Bad Muender. Meanwhile they have got two little „Morns“. During this evening he was answering questions, e.g. how he got his role of Morn, than he sang a song (“Morn to be wild“ to the melody of  „Born to be wild“ from Steppenwolf). Since a few years you can get a video to his song. You also could purchase pictures and autographs from him.
On this meeting he was telling more stories than on all other conventions together......This meeting happened about 9 years ago and I can‘t remember all the details.
For this event we made an advertising campaign by displaying flyers in comicbook stores, video stores , schools and universities.
In the 1990s we had from time to time something special during our 10-Forward-Dinner, e.g. the press was visiting us a few times and was quite disappointed that we didn‘t wear our Starfleet uniforms. SAT1(German TV station) was shooting and interviewing us for the broadcast „24 Stunden“. Some starguests were Dirk Bartholomae from „Star Trek Central Europe“ and Gerhard Raible from „TrekWorld Marketing“ as well as a few people from „Paramount Home Entertainment“ from Frankfurt.
Furthermore we had some visitors from other meetings like Goslar, Celle, Hildesheim, Cologne, Kassel Hamburg , Oldenburg and many more.
During the last years we are a hard core from 10 to 15 fans and a years ago we found a really nice non-smoking restaurant with good food and a huge parking lot nearby.
Sometimes we watch DVDs with a beamer and screen from Star Trek fan films like „Starship Exeter“ and „Der Apperatspott“. Ones we had a book review and a fleamarket. Lots of fun we had with the English version of „Who wants to be a Millionare“.
We meet each other always on the Friday after the 10th of a month (that‘s why it‘s called 10-Forward-Dinner) at 6 PM in the Restaurant Brunnenhof , next to Saturn, opposite the main station. A parking garage is behind  the main station
Contact: Andreas Kronemann, Phone 01 75 - 4 66 59 21, A.Kronemann@t-online.de
Here's a link sharing our visit with Mark Allen Shepherd:

United Trek Dinner attended by members of 10-Forward-Dinner, Trek-Dinner Hannover, and Trek-Dinner Hildesheim in the Chinese restaurant Akasaka in Sarstedt August 20, 2011

Please visit Marco & Magnus at http://www.mission-orange.de/ for information on their charity efforts and services

Schaedelspalter is a city magazine from Hannover and for the December 2010 issue Depeche Mode-, soccer-, Manga-, and Star Trek fans have been interviewed
Here's a link to an interview from September 2009: http://www.trekzone.de/content/cc/fandom/interviews/dank-visor-oefters-in-der-presse.htm

Our German Friends share our American passion for Mac n Cheese....

Contact Dietrich by Email: DietrichKerner@web.de