Early History of the United Federation of Planets

I recently completed course through Starfleet called History of the UFP Early Years. This course provided an overview of some of the early events in the Federation history.

This course mainly focused on events that happened in the show Enterprise and  Star Trek the Original Series. The exam asked questions focusing on first contact with certain species such as the Horta . There were questions focusing on general facts in the Star Trek Universe such as dates. when important events took place. The exam was open book. I used two resources for this class. The first is Memory Alpha. This is a database with lots of helpful information. The second source is a book called Star Trek Encyclopedia by Michael Okuda. This is a very helpful book for all Star Trek fans. it has a timeline and you can look almost anything up from Star Trek including behind the scenes information.

Overall, this was a fun course and I gained helpful knowledge about the Star Trek Universe.

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