Exploring Starfleet Academy: COC 101-The Cardassian Union and Its People

I recently took a course in Starfleet Academy. The name of the course is called COC 101-The Cardassian Union and Its People. This course is part of the Institute of Alien Studies.

The reason I took the course was because I wanted  to learn more about the Cardassians since they are my favorite aliens, and my favorite show is DS9. Gul Dukat is my favorite character, and I wanted to learn about the way they think and behave.

The way the course works is I sent a request for course materials via email. You also have the option to get the materials in the mail. The materials  consist of a PDF file and an exam. The PDF file is like a mini textbook. The test was fairly easy since it was open book and multiple choice.

I got valuable information about the history of the Cardassian people. For example, they will not leave their home world. However, they annex planets for resources. This leads Cardassians to being very territorial in nature. They also look to rise in stature within their group.

Overall, I enjoyed this course. I plan on taking a course called The Cardassian Government in the near future. I find this to be a fun and easy way to learn more about Star Trek. These courses are free for Starfleet members.

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