USS Haven Monthly Star Trek Meetings

Join us for Central Florida’s only MONTHLY Meeting for Star Trek Fans & Friends.   We are meeting next on Saturday March 4th at 3pm.

As of March 4th, 2017; we are changing our meeting location to Gods & Monsters

5421 I-Drive Orlando


Out of town, out of state, out of country (and out of this world) visitors are always welcome.

Our new venue has ample parking, accessibility, plenty of space, and a friendly atmosphere for fellow trek/wars/sci-fi/comic/cosplay/anime fans like ourselves.

(effective December 7th, 2016)

The Haven Crew has been meeting monthly since 1993.

In the interest of continuing our meetings at this new location, we ask all members and attendees to follow the protocol explained herein
1. Gods & Monsters does not serve food, but they are letting us bring in food from outside (there are several dining options nearby, and a hundred more on I-Drive.  If you aren’t feeling hungry thats fine too.

2. With that in mind, please fully clean up any foodstuffs you bring in.

3. Gods & Monsters does have a well stocked bar with soft and hard drinks and some snacks at reasonable prices.  At their new location, the bar will not be open until April.

4. We will begin our main announcements around 3:30 pm attempting to keep things brief.

5. Please be respectful and do not interrupt the speaker or carry on other conversations while someone has the floor.

6. We will finish main announcements by around 4:00 pm.  The floor will be open to members to discuss any other events, ideas, news, and personal achievements or challenges you wish to share.

7. Adjourning around 4:30 pm.

Let’s make sure we represent STARFLEET, the traditions of the Haven, and the values of our community at all times.

Wear your favorite Star Trek T-shirt and bring your most amazing smile.
You will be among Friends the moment you walk in the door.

We Believe In An Exciting Future
Email us at or find us on FACEBOOK at

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