USS Haven Operational Guidelines (Updated 01/24/15)

Founded March 31, 2003
Launched with STARFLEET: The International Star Trek Fan Association-May 5, 2011

We Believe In An Exciting Future!

Operational Guidelines
(updated 01/24/2015)
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Bound & Honored by a Tradition of Service


In Gene Roddenberry’s own words:

“We must remember that the promise of tomorrow will not be fulfilled easily. The collective commitment of our nations, as well as the vision, wisdom, and hard work of many – many individuals will be required to bring our dreams to fruition. In a way, the Enterprise and the optimistic future in which it exists, might be thought of as a reminder of what we can achieve when we really try!!!”

Director/Commanding Officer: Norm Liddell
Assistant Director/Executive Officer: Hartley Ray Grimes
Operations/,medical Officer; George Graboski
Ship’s Yeoman/Special Command Advisor: Denise Liddell
Ships Administrator: Dedra Dukes Shuman

Table of Contents

I. Our Mission
II. Organizational Structure
III. Membership
IV. Appointment and Election of Officers
V. Meetings
VI. Participation in Club Activities & Community Events
VII. Affiliations with Other Organizations
VIII. Promotions and Awards
IX. Financial Records
X. General Communication Guidelines
XI. Maintenance of Personnel Records
XII. Recruiting

Section I: Our Mission
Our Club is named after U.S. Naval Hospital Ship USS Haven AH-12. Our mission is to promote fandom and serve our Community by sharing Star Trek & Science Fiction information, fan activities, ideas, news, and promoting a positive future for Humankind by our involvement in educational and charitable activities. Our friends include hundreds of members, fans, friends, media persons, dealers, and Star Trek/Science Fiction Clubs WORLDWIDE. Our Member Handbook includes basic ideas and guidelines that have helped us work together, develop friendships, and avoid confusion. Let’s have fun, and not take ourselves too seriously.

Whenever possible we participate in community events. We support our Community by working with local organizations to assist with costuming and/or educational activities at public and private events. Local businesses, charities, and non-profit groups know they can call on us anytime they need assistance.

We believe that Gene Roddenberry’s idea of a Universe where problems have solutions, where people of all races, shapes, and sizes get along, where everyone is encouraged to express their ideas and make a contribution, is worth preserving and promoting. We attend movies and conventions together. We support & assist Space Exploration, Science, and Healthcare events locally. We believe in an exciting future!


Gene Roddenberry envisioned a future where every child could read. We are committed to assisting in the education of our youth. We host youth-oriented educational and inspirational exhibits and activities whenever we appear in community events. We believe an educated and motivated generation of students will ensure a strong successful future for our nation and our world community.

Section II: Organizational Structure
We have always envisioned the Haven as a Flagship for Fan activity and Community Support. Our COMMAND STAFF consists of our Director/Commanding Officer, our Assistant Director/Executive Officer, and up to five additional Special Command Advisors as appointed by our Director. Our club belongs to our members, not to our officers.
1. Although we are based upon Starfleet, as described in the Star Trek Venue, we are a Star Trek FAN club. We are also members of STARFLEET: The International Star Trek Fan Association. Our basis of operation revolves around friendship rather than a military organization.
2. Although our Director is ultimately responsible for all issues relevant to Operations, Personnel, Activities, and Scheduling, such responsibility is shared with other members of our Command Staff.
3. Our Director must be consulted regarding event venues, or any proposed change or activity that affects our philosophy, operational status, or organizational structure.
4. It is the responsibility of our COMMAND STAFF to develop our agenda and create an environment which motivates the group and makes positive things happen.
5. We will always make a reasonable effort to ensure ACTIVE members are involved in our decision process.
6. We will always do our best to give credit to individual members or teams for their accomplishments and efforts as related to club and/or community activities.
7. Friendship comes first. Crew Members always are encouraged to meet with Command Staff members privately, as a group, or individually, to discuss any issue at any time. It is always in the interest of everyone involved to resolve disagreements privately, and celebrate agreements publicly.

Section III: Membership
Members are classified as follows:

1. ACTIVE (Regular Crew & Haven’s Guard)
a. Active Members are those who attend meetings and events regularly and/or contribute to club functions in a meaningful way.
b. Active Out-of-Area Members and ONLINE Members (joined via the Internet through our primary website) are those who participate in club activities locally or in their own area and/or through Internet, telephone, and any other method of communication.
c. International Members are those who live outside of the U.S. and have joined through in person Florida visits or online through our website
2. HONORARY Members are Fans from other groups who have participated with USS Haven Activities in a meaningful way. Honorary members may be nominated by any Active Haven Member at anytime, then approved by a majority vote at a club meeting or through a vote on our Internet Members Only Forum.
3. LIFETIME memberships may be awarded to individuals who have made a significant contribution to our activities.
4. RESERVES – Inactive members with whom we have had no significant contact or participation for a period of 6 months.
5. IN MEMORIAM – Members who have crossed the threshold of life after Honorable Service with our Club
Section IV: Appointment and Election of Officers
While appointments and elections are a necessary part of continuing any organization, let’s remember that we are Friends first. Our elected/appointed Leaders have accepted serious responsibilities, and are committed to serving our Crew and Community with fairness and friendship. They deserve the attention and respect of all members. Regardless of the outcome of any election or appointment, it is always our intent to keep the proceedings fair, civil, and in the interests of our group’s continuation and success.
1. Every 2 years, beginning 2013, within 30 days prior to our March Business meeting, the position of Director/Commanding Officer will be reaffirmed or not by a public vote of confidence by Active Crewmembers. If a change is required, procedures for an orderly transition will be developed at that time.
2. Our Executive Officer, Command Staff Members, and other positions of authority are appointed by our Director.
3. Individuals serving as Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, or any other Command Staff position MUST be STARFLEET members and MUST have passed any required courses and necessary STARFLEET standards prior to serving office.
4. Command Staff members appointed by our Director may be relieved or reassigned anytime at our Director’s discretion.
5. Only those members with active STARFLEET membership may act in any position that involves interaction with other groups, particularly STARFLEET chapters.

Section V: Meetings
1. Minutes will be kept for each meeting by our Meeting Coordinator, then published within 30 days for presentation at the following meeting.
2. Meetings are an opportunity to celebrate our friendship, and plan our activities. Our meetings are expected to be fun, but also an opportunity for members to share feedback and ideas. Whenever possible, we encourage members to attend meetings as scheduled.
3. It has been, and will continue to be, our tradition to meet monthly. The specific time, place, and location of our meetings shall be posted in advance on FACEBOOK and any other necessary Forum.

Section VI: Participation in Club Activities & Community Events
1. COMMAND STAFF and Crewmembers are asked to support club activities and events to the best of their ability. Community leaders and organizers depend on us whenever we commit to assist with our participation in an event. While we understand work schedules, geographic locations, and personal obligations usually take priority, good communications is a must.
2. Please avoid committing to activities you will be unable to participate in. Anytime a member commits to an activity and is unable to join us on schedule, someone on our COMMAND STAFF should be advised as far in advance as possible.
3. If we are attending an event specifically as the USS Haven, please do not wear costumes, T-shirts, etc from non-Star Trek venues.
4. Anytime a member of our Crew hosts an event, we will respect their authority over that event regardless of their rank.
5. Members and Participants are asked to use “costuming sense” when participating in costuming activities. While we do not want to dictate costume or uniform requirements to our Members, please make sure your appearance exhibits some sort of authenticity and personal pride. For example, wearing sneakers and blue jeans with a Star Trek uniform top is NOT an example of good costuming sense.
Section VII: Affiliations with Other Organizations
1. Other clubs with which we have relationships are classified as ASSOCIATE CLUBS. Any club that aligns with us, in any way, retains its independence in entirety. Our philosophy as a fictional hospital starship is characterized by our actions as a Community Service Group.
2. We celebrate our friendships with laughter, camaraderie, and humanity, more-so than rules and structure, but our Community responsibility dictates that we must do our best to honor our commitments in a positive and effective manner.
3. STARFLEET membership is encouraged but not required for Haven Membership. STARFLEET International has many resources available and gives members many opportunities to get involved at a level unique to their personal goals. Members in USS Haven Command positions of any kind must maintain active STARFLEET Membership.
4. Anytime there is conflict or confusion between a STARFLEET rule and a USS Haven Guideline, USS Haven Guidelines will take precedence. It will always be our intent to resolve such conflicts in keeping with the spirit of STARFLEET, even though we may occasionally have technical differences. Support of other Star Trek/Science Fiction Clubs and Fans is part of our basic mission of service to STARFLEET and our Community. We will do our best to attend functions hosted by our ASSOCIATE CLUBS whenever possible, and strive to maintain a positive relationship with other fans and clubs.
5. USS Haven Members are discouraged from recruiting others who already enjoy an active membership with any other fan group
6. STARFLEET requires you to register with one club only. Such registration does not prohibit you from participating in activities of other clubs. However, when an occasional conflict may arise, your first responsibility is to the Club you are registered with.
7. Anytime an ASSOCIATE CLUB hosts an event we are invited to assist or participate in, we will respect their authority for the activities of that event.
Section VIII: Promotions and Awards
1. Our criteria for promotions and awards is “participation & support of club activities and events”
2. Crew assignments will have real meaning whenever possible. ONLINE members will be assigned the rank of Ensign JG unless requested or appointed otherwise. All assignments are dependent on availability and at the discretion of our Command Staff and/or the Director
3. If a new member transfers from another club, they are authorized to retain their rank upon transferring membership with the USS Haven.
4. Anytime an individual attends 3 meetings or events, or participates with club activities online on 3 separate occasions within 90 days they will be offered the rank of Ensign as an official member of our Crew. The 3 occasion requirement is waived for any member who joins STARFLEET and requests assignment to the Haven.
5. International Members and members who join online through our main website are assigned as Ensign JG with no voting privileges. Once an International member participates in 3 Star Trek, Sci-Fi, or community activities with other Haven Members, regardless of their location, they will be promoted to the rank of Ensign. Additional rank may be awarded with continued participation in such activities.
6. For promotions above Ensign and special awards, anyone can recommend another member. The COMMAND STAFF will vote collectively on all recommendations. It will always be our intent to be as liberal as possible with promotions and awards. This is about merit, but also about fun.
7. Rank serves as reward but also as responsibility. Accepting an assignment should be fun but should also be considered a serious commitment. Our Crew, our community, and our contacts depend on each Member to provide appropriate support for our activities.
Section IX: Financial Records
1. A Treasurer shall be appointed annually by Club Members at our Annual Business Meeting in February.
2. Our Treasurer shall be responsible for maintenance of Financial records and security of USS Haven funds.
3. Records will be kept by our Treasurer specifically detailing any income, donations, or expenses related to USS Haven Operations. A verbal report of our current balance, recent donations, and expenditures are to be announced at each Monthly Meeting. A written Treasury log shall be maintained and be available for inspection and review upon request by any member.
4. Expenditures require prior approval by the Command Staff and will be noted as such in the Minutes of the meeting such expenses are discussed.
5. Each entry in our Financial Records will be initialed by 2 members not related to each other.
6. No member, regardless of rank, has any right, privilege, or obligation to open accounts, incur debt, or make any financial commitments on behalf of our organization or other individuals in our group.

Section X: General Communication Guidelines
1. To facilitate data compatibility, Word documents are to be saved as WORD 97-2003, and Spreadsheets as Excel Workbooks.
2. Completed Manuals and Newsletters can be saved in WORD 97-2003 by their creator. Copies of distribution may be printed or in PDF format only to ensure distributed copies are not improperly altered.
Section XI: Maintenance of Records
The reason we maintain records is to ensure good communications between members. Our goal is to facilitate rather than regulate. Good communications are the cornerstone of any friendship, and the guidance system of any successful organization.
1. ROSTER: Upon receipt of authorized updates, promotions, or changes, our Chief of Staff (or designated member) will:

a.. Enter changes, promotions, corrections, or additions into our roster.
b. Note the date of revision in the appropriate field at the left top of the spreadsheet.
c. Email copies of our updated roster to our Command Staff Members, and update STARFLLEET’s database to ensure their
information matches our records.

2. CONFIDENTIALITY: ALL member information except Name, Rank, Assignment, Join date, and Duty Status is CONFIDENTIAL, unless the member authorizes otherwise. Only Command Staff Members are authorized access to confidential personnel information. As necessary, authorized STARFLEET personnel may be granted access to our roster, particularly regarding corresponding data maintained in their records.

3. MONTHLY STATUS REPORT: Our Monthly Status Report (MSR) to STARFLEET is due the 5th of each month. It is USS Haven practice to do our best to submit our MSR by the last day of the previous month so we are always early. This requirement can only be waived by our Commanding Officer/Director.

Section XII: Recruiting

Everyone is ALWAYS RECRUITING. We recognize that people move away, change interests, and adjust personal priorities for a variety of reasons. To ensure the USS Haven is always a viable group, we must act consistently to attract new members.

Be positive and supportive. Encourage participation among each other and reach out to members as Friends at every opportunity. Members are encouraged to take a sincere interest on a personal level with everyone we come into contact with. Be caring and connective so we make things happen together and ensure USS Haven Membership is a great experience.

Members are encouraged to discuss club activities and distribute business cards and flyers whenever opportunities are appropriate. Be enthusiastic and share your spirit with others.

We honor each other, Fandom, and our community by making ourselves known to others in a positive way at every possible opportunity.
Command Staff (June 2016)

Norm Liddell, Commanding Officer/Director
Hartley Grimes, Executive Officer/Treasurer
George Graboski, Operations/Chief Medical Officer
Jerssica Harrell, Ship’s Yeoman

The Legacy of “Star Trek”
By Majel Barrett Roddenberry

If there is one idea which characterizes “Star Trek” and its successors, it is that differences among people are not merely to be tolerated; they are to be embraced and celebrated.

In one of the earliest episodes of “Star Trek”, Captain Kirk sternly told a crew member: “Leave any bigotry in your quarters, mister – there’s no room for it on the bridge.” And even now, when “Star Trek: The Next Generation” has completed its mission, when “Deep Space Nine” is entering yet another successful season, and when the crew of Voyager are starting an entirely new and exciting journey, our writers and producers have continued to adamantly uphold the principles of “Star Trek’s” creator, Gene Roddenberry.

Gene’s Vision has been called many things – innovative, progressive, idealistic. But, at its core, his outlook was always humanistic. For Gene, life was fascinating in its endless diversity. That some people’s beliefs, customs, color, size, or shape would prevent them from attaining the respect of others or from living the fullest life possible was unthinkable to him.

Gene was a man who loved humanity unconditionally, fearlessly – from rabbis to agnostics, from university professors to the functionally illiterate…and, if he had a chance, from earth person to alien. Humanity—and beyond humanity—people.

We salute our Founding Members who organized our group in 2003 and fostered our initial Friendships. Their commitment to our Mission paved the way to an exciting future for our Crew.

Mark Sullivan, Fleet Admiral

Betty Boyer, Fleet Admiral (1928-2007)

Norm Liddell, Fleet Captain

Denise Liddell, Commander

Wendy Elkes, Commander

Mike Gigliati, Commander

Katharine Maywald, Commander

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