USS Haven S.T.E.M. Programs


“… Leadership tomorrow depends on how we educate our students today—especially in science, technology, engineering and math.” (i.e. S.T.E.M.)
— President Barack Obama, September 16, 2010

Before the acronym came into popular use, Orlando’s USS Haven Star Trek Club was focusing on educational activities fostering STEM advances.

Our efforts began in 2003 with our Student Teams at Millennium Middle School and Poinciana High School. Focusing on Science and Robotics, we assisted with Space Day, Science, and Robotics programs at both schools. Our Students joined us for many of our Community activities.

Many of our Members were Certified Mentors for our School Boards, having undergone thorough background checks, and detailed Mentor Training. Our key Members are experienced career professionals in Adult and Student Education, Communications, Security, Technology, Science, and Engineering.


In 2004 we staffed two Robotics exhibits and two Animation exhibits for Orlando’s Science Center, followed by a special event in 2005, Federation Day, with Tampa’s Museum of Science & Industry.

Partnering with 8 other Star Trek Clubs from Tampa Bay and Central Florida areas, in a room the size of a small gymnasium, we hosted over 12 stations focusing on all venues of STEM as related to Star Trek, Science Fiction, Real Life, and Real Science. Over 500 visitors toured our tables, each completing an Away Mission Checklist indicating their understanding of the topic of each station.


As a special Honor, in 2007, the USS Haven Crew was invited to assist Florida Health Care Association during their annual convention in Boca Raton. With over 3000 participants employed in various healthcare fields, their focus was “Trek To Quality and Beyond” .

Using costuming, Hi-Tech Audio/Visual-Supported photo shoots, educational displays, student stories, and science fiction props and ideas, we channeled our theme towards the future. Over $5000 was donated directly to our Student Teams as a result of our efforts.

FHCA health_1-r1

Today, as the 21st Century races forward, our Crew continues to mix up the balance in education. Our participation with local libraries & communities, especially in Polk and Lake Counties, over the past 4 years has become a staple of reading enthusiasm in Central Florida.

We are partnering with other science fiction and super-hero groups, and local comic book stores, along with other businesses and organizations who share our interest in America’s Future.

The Haven has always invited others to share the mission, the effort, and the credit for the rewards that education will bring for tomorrow.


You can help by sharing your time and efforts with our activities. Our only success comes from our Members, Volunteers, Friends, and Sponsors.

We need Prop Builders, Star Trek Costumers, and folks with Smiling Friendly Faces. If you can donate a few items for prizes, that helps get the attention of our Guests. If you can talk about Science and Star Trek, you can staff one of our stations. If you can “Make things go” then you can help us.

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Come to our next meeting. Call us. Email us. LIKE us on FACEBOOK, then join our primary FB group so you will always be updated on our latest adventures. Meet our people. Share your stories and your vision, then learn about ours.

Star Trek is the destiny of diversity, the vision of people coming together from all manner of backgrounds making great things happen. You can help plant the seeds for tomorrow.

2014 06 14 Leeswburg Group

We will see you out there.

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