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Like many other gambling games, craps (also known as craps) is a game where the outcome, by and large, depends only on the case. In practice, this means that the player is not able to tip the scales in his direction and increase his chances of winning – since it is impossible to create a 100% effective strategy that guarantees stable winnings in the dice.

However, there are some basic principles of dice that help, if you don’t offer the player a stable win, then at least provide profit for a long period of time, nevertheless there are some – we’ll talk about them.

Online Dice Strategy

The outcome of each round of dice (craps) determines the outcome of the roll of dice – that is, the total number of points that fell on the edges of two dice. Of course, at this stage it is impossible to influence the outcome of the game – it is no longer possible in any casino, as in the good old days of gamblers-adventurers, to use special bones with a shifted center of gravity, due to which the outcome of the throw is predicted.

In an online casino, the outcome of the game cannot be influenced all the more – there the result of the roll of virtual dice is generally determined by the random number generator. Craps strategy forum which maximizes the chances of winning.

That is why the only possible and more or less effective strategy for the dice player (craps) is a thoughtful choice of bets that the player makes. Guided by this strategy, you can slightly reduce the advantage of the casino and, accordingly, increase your own chances of a final win.

Which best craps strategies you could find on forums for players

In order to adhere to the basic strategy of craps and win with its help, you first need to fully understand the betting system and the types of bets that the game of dice offers players. To know about the craps betting system, absolutely everything is also important because from the point of view of the casino advantage, they are different – some of the bets in the craps game are initially beneficial for the player, since they give the casino a slight advantage, while others, on the contrary, have a high casino advantage and , accordingly, a small chance of winning for the player.

What craps bets are considered the most profitable for the player? First of all, these are bets on the line (on the Pass Line “pass-through” line and the Don’t Pass Line “impassable” line) and Come / Don’t Come. The amount of payments when winning at such bets is modest – only 1 to 1, but the chance to win with one of these bets is much higher. Different types of bets on one throw (Single Roll) are considered to be the most disadvantageous for the player – in their case the chances of winning are minimal.

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